A waitlist that grows itself 🚀

The fastest way to build audience before you launch!

A waitlist that...


motivates you

by setting up weekly goals, we help you grow your audience. Together we celebrate your weekly wins 🏆, but we are also there to boost you when things aren't going that well.


encourages users

through gamified referral experience, every user can jump on the list by sharing their referral_code with their friends, family and other peers.


it's #nocode

super easy to integrate it on any website within seconds. Simply follow the instructions from the docs.


has pockets an API

for further customization or if you have custom thank you page and logic. Check out the docs for more instructions and examples.

Sounds good 👌

💸 It costs nothing to start



✔️ unlimited signups

✔️ unlimited api requests

✔️ custom data

✔️ email support



✔️ everything in start

✔️ custom integrations

✔️ custom branding

✔️ export metrics

✔️ chat support

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